Recognize, React, and Recover: Using Rumble Strips to Prevent
Run-off-Road Crashes Campaign Unveiled

Washington, DC ( August 26, 2009 ) – The Roadway Safety Foundation (RSF) today unveiled its Recognize, React, and Recover: Using Rumble Strips to Prevent Run-off-Road (ROR) Crashes public information and education campaign including a DVD and a radio and television public service announcement.

“Nationwide, roadway departure or run-off-road crashes result in 53 percent of the traffic crash fatalities that are reported said Greg Cohen, Executive Director of RSF. “One of the most cost effective traffic control devices and safety countermeasures to reduce run-off-road crashes is rumble strips.”

Rumble strips are raised or grooved patterns in the pavement and can be up to 80 percent effective in reducing roadway departure crashes. Drive over a rumble strip and your car will vibrate; the tires will make noise. Rumble strips act as alarms for drivers, letting you know if your vehicle has veered out of its lane. They “sound the alarm” and get drivers’ attention, before it’s too late. Rumble strips provide a warning that may prevent an inattentive or drowsy driver from traveling very far out of their lane, and possibly striking another vehicle, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian. Rumble strips may also help drivers locate the edge of the travel lane during periods of heavy rain, in fog or at night.

The six-module educational DVD explains why drivers run-off-the road and how to avoid being involved in a ROR crash. A national driving expert shows how to safely recover if a motorist should run-off-the road. A resource section is included with print materials and audio/video materials to help drivers be safe and avoid ROR crashes.

As motorists travel across the country and encounter rumble strips, they should be reminded of our new campaign slogan:

  • Recognize the rumble strip is there for your safety.
  • React calmly if you leave the travel lane and encounter a rumble strip. Stay off the gas and off the brake.
  • Recover safely, using the techniques that you will find on our web site.

RSF is the only national organization solely dedicated to reducing deaths by improving the physical characteristics of America’s roadways - design and engineering, operating conditions, removal of roadside hazards, and the effective use of safety features. RSF works to attain its goals by building awareness through media campaigns and outreach activities, developing educational materials and forming partnerships. It is a private non-profit 501(c) (3) organization chartered by the American Highway Users Alliance.

To download copies of the Recognize React Recover radio and television PSAs or to order a copy of the DVD and other materials please visit The South Carolina (SC) Department of Transportation, SC Department of Public Safety, Michelin North America, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Street Survival, Families of Highway Fatalities and the Federal Highway Administration all assisted with the campaign.