Deadline Extended to June 30th for 2011 National Safety Awards


(Washington, DC) — The Roadway Safety Foundation today announced that it is extending the deadline for submitting nominations for the 2011 National Roadway Safety Awards. All application materials must now be received by June 30, 2011 to be considered for an award.

The National Roadway Safety Awards program is a joint effort by RSF and the Federal Highway Administration to recognize and publish best practices in roadway safety improvements in order to help solve reoccurring roadway safety issues throughout the nation.

The biennial competition includes three award categories: Infrastructure Improvements; Operational Improvements and Program Planning; and Development and Evaluation. Applicants can submit projects, programs, or activities that include effective and innovative safety agendas, and resourcefully employ various sources of aid including federal, state, local, and/or private sector funds.

Winners of the competition will receive an invitation to attend a national-level recognition event in Washington, DC; local and national media coverage opportunities; appearance in trade press and other RSF and FHWA publications and websites; and meeting opportunities with key roadway safety officials and legislators in Washington, DC.

The previous May 1 deadline for submissions is no longer in effect, though it may still appear on printed application materials and should be disregarded. Please visit to learn more about this exciting program or to download an electronic copy of the nomination packet. Hard copies of the application materials may also be requested by contacting Cathy Gillen at the phone number or e-mail address listed above.

The Roadway Safety Foundation (RSF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational, and charitable organization whose mission is to reduce the frequency and severity of motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities through improvements to roadway systems and their environment.