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The Roadway Safety Foundation has produced a number of materials recently, many of which are items from the Safer Roads public education campaign.  Check out all of the Foundation’s videos on our YouTube page. Please contact us at 202.857.1228 or info@roadwaysafety.org to order free copies of any of the items listed below:


Safety Solutions for Older Drivers DVD: The Roadway Safety Foundation has created videos designed to educate the public about older driver safety tips. As the nation’s population grows older, it is imperative that motorists are well-informed about the various issues facing seniors. Click here to watch online.


Teen Roadway Safety Advocates DVD: The Teen Roadway Safety Advocates (TeenRSA™) Program was started as a way to engage youth in improving road safety near their schools and in their communities. The program is modeled after a process that has been used for years around the world to systematically look at roadway safety issues from a multi-disciplinary approach.   Click here to watch online.

rumble-cdRumble on the Reservation DVD (Currently out of stock but online video links are available below): This 11-minute DVD highlights rumble strips as a cost-effective crash countermeasure that American Indian communities can incorporate into roadway safety projects on tribal lands. Through a series of interviews with tribal and national transportation experts and planners, Rumble on the Reservation introduces audiences to communities that have seen crashes and fatalities plummet after installing rumble strips – success stories that are particularly poignant given that American Indians continue to be over-represented in motor vehicle crash and fatality statistics.  Watch the brief highlights here | Watch the full version here


Rumble on the Reservation brochure (Currently out of stock): This brochure corresponds with the campaign DVD and summarizes crucial facts regarding crash statistics, rumble strip effectiveness, and the dangers of rural roads. It makes the case for implementing rumble strips on tribal lands because of their ability, at low cost, to reduce roadway departure crashes, the most frequent type of crash seen on rural highways.

res-posterRumble on the Reservation poster: This product was developed for the poster show at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC, at which RSF was an invited presenter. Designed to provide a big-picture overview of the campaign, the poster promotes the central arguments of the DVD and brochure using striking visuals and crisp, clear graphs and charts. This poster is available as a PDF for download and printing.

ppt-coverRumble on the Reservation Presentation: This Powerpoint was developed by RSF to provide a detailed background on the campaign and highlight key traffic safety issues facing American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. The presentation incorporates content from the DVD, brochure, and poster, and serves as an easily-accessible source of information on rumble strips, rural traffic safety, and AI/AN crash statistics.  Click here to download the presentation.


Recognize, React, Recover DVD: This 17-minute DVD focuses on using rumble strips to prevent run-off-the-road crashes. Through six modules, audiences are introduced to the causes and consequences of run-off-the-road crashes, hear real-life stories of ROR crash victims, and learn about the lifesaving – and cost-effective – benefits of implementing rumble strips as a crash countermeasure. In addition, professional drivers offer valuable tips on how to react appropriately in the event of a roadway departure, making this a valuable resource for novice and experienced drivers alike. Additional materials are provided on the disc, including a PSA archive, Flash-animated driving tips, and PDFs of traffic safety reports and brochures on pavement edge drop-offs and tire safety.  Click here to watch the video online.


ror-cover1Recognize, React, Recover brochure: This corresponding brochure summarizes crucial statistics regarding the effectiveness of rumble strips, and details the key driving tips for avoiding a run-off-the-road crash. This can be ordered together with the DVD, or separately as a standalone and easily-distributable handout for anybody interested in promoting rumble strips and educating drivers.



delaware-dvdKeeping Delaware Drivers Safe and Mobile DVD (Currently out of stock but online video link is available below): This 30-minute documentary introduces many of the challenges older drivers face while driving, and provides an overview of the countermeasures and engineering strategies available to make the roads safer for all by focusing on the needs of this demographic. Though filmed in Delaware, much of the information provided is relevant and useful for a national audience.  View the full video here.


Clear Winter Roads: This brochure provides important information on the safety and economic benefits of timely, thorough winter weather roadway maintenance. It compares the costs of up-front investments in sufficient snow and ice removal programs with the much higher long-term costs of failing to properly treat and maintain roads in inclement weather. It is an especially useful resource for jurisdictions examining their strategies and funding for winter maintenance.  Read the brochure here.

median-man-final1Median Man Public Service Announcements (PSAs): These award-winning radio PSAs feature Median Man, a fictional cartoon character made of high-tension cable barriers who alerts motorists to the lifesaving benefits of this type of median barrier system. Aired in Michigan through a partnership with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, these PSAs raise awareness of the importance and cost-effectiveness of hundreds of miles of new cable barriers in the state, which reduce cross-median crashes by around 90 percent. On October 5, 2010, RSF proudly announced that Median Man won an award for “Best radio commercial or PSA with consultant” at the National Transportation Public Affairs Workshop. Click here for the :30 second radio spot, and here for the :60 second radio ad.  These PSAs can easily be adapted to be used in YOUR state – call Cathy Gillen for more details at (202) 857-1203.

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