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Memorial Contributions
Memorial Contributions
This category is for those who wish to support RSF’s life saving goals and make a fully tax deductible contribution to RSF in memory of a loved one lost on a roadway due to unsafe physical properties or conditions.
All Memorial Contributors receive:
  • Memorial Listing of Lost Loved On RSF’s Web Site
    The name of the deceased loved one or friend of the contributor will be added to a “Memorial Wall of Loss” that will be posted on the RSF web site.
  • Roadway Safety Checklist
    A quick reference to help you identify roadway hazards on the roads you drive everyday.
  • Read Your Road
    A mini-reference to roadway signs and other communications devices for improving driver awareness about the roadway. A great refresher for all drivers or a basic resource for driving newcomers. This resource is co-produced by RSF and the Federal Highway Administration.
  • Roadway Safety Bumper Sticker
    Promoting the fact that “Roadway Safety is No Accident” the RSF bumper sticker is designed to raise awareness about the need for safety on our roadways and drives users to our web site, www.roadwaysafety.org. The bumper stickers were generously donated by 3M, a long-standing RSF contributor and member.
  • Roadway Safety Reporter
    An online quarterly newsletter reporting on successful grassroots programs, effective use of technology, and important policy developments. Contributors receive a complimentary subscription.

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Roadway Safety Foundation

The Roadway Safety Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable and educational organization solely dedicated to reducing the frequency and severity of motor vehicle crashes by improving the safety of America's roadways. All contributions to RSF are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.